Welcome to Horrocks Nursery Farms

Horrocks Nursery Farms & Garden Center has been family-owned since 1937. We take pride in our professional workmanship, the quality of our plants and our finished landscape projects.

Horrocks Nursery Farms & Garden Center is the most unique garden center you will find in west Michigan. We have a large selection of evergreen trees and shrubs, flowering shrubs, unique and hard to find ornamental trees, perennials, shade trees, fruit and nut trees, grasses and everything in between. We have fields of balled & burlapped trees ready to plant, as well as potted and smaller trees.

At Horrocks Garden Center you will find guaranteed healthy, correctly labeled plants. An expert horticultural staff with a passion and enthusiasm that is infectious! Horrocks Garden Center has the landscaping supplies and bulk aggregates to accommodate our contractors' needs. Our selection of materials include 6 different colors of mulch, contractor sand, pea stone, 1"-3" washed stone, 1" crushed stone, crushed concrete with fines, and mortar sand, as well as bagged fertilizer, bagged leaf compost, bulk screened top soil, grass seed, burlap, weed mat and landscape edging.

Enjoy a stroll in our walk-through gardens, and be inspired! Our team can help in landscaping design and problem areas that you just don't know what to do with. Our expert staff can also help you to care for a particular plant or pest problem.

We have the best and most experienced staff in all of West Michigan, who really have a passion for gardening, forestry and landscaping.